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About Us

“Delivering sustainable, Renewable and economically viable solutions”

Sentosa Marines is a Somaliland based company that develops environmentally sustainable mariculture projects, which create new revenue streams for local stakeholders while providing solid return for socially and environmentally conscious investors. Our current focus is Somaliland, where we’ll operate a small-scale sea cucumber farm in Berbera. Sentosa Marines long-range vision is to farm multiple species in multiple locations in a way that benefits local communities and the marine environment.

Sentosa Marines grows, processes and sells dried sea cucumbers to consumers worldwide using a unique low-tech, environmentally-sound model, for which a portion of its production is subcontracted to low-income fishermen giving them access to a growing and lucrative global market.

Sentosa Marines partners with local fishing villages to return sea cucumber farming back to its natural spot, in the sea, and away from expensive facilities. It links latest scientific advancements and know-how in mariculture with local communities.

Sentosa Marines believes that the poorness of the business paradigm plays an important role in causing environmental problems faced by society. As a result, the environmentally friendly business paradigm should be part of the solution. The purpose of Sentosa Marines is to develop a model of sustainable business practices for the future.